ARK Promotions Ltd
Leaders in Direct Marketing
We are affiliated to Appco Group PLC, world's number one face-to-face marketing company Suppliers they supplying us the clients in 22 different countries. Last year alone they acquired 8 million new customers worldwide creating over $ 5 billion of new revenue for their clients, establishing the fact that word of mouth is the number one method of connecting clients to customers.

We are passionate about our business, about our people, about our results and passionate about the clients we represent.

Our organisation is upbeat, progressive and enthusiastic and what’s more we have visionary leaders who certainly know how to have fun, motivate, inspire and create a genuine buzz around everything we do!

Engaging, dynamic, influential and with massive impact this is how we, at The ARK Promotions, would describe the tailor made marketing campaigns we provide for the clients we represent.
Our Programme is a proven and structured way to get your career in sales and marketing off the ground. It is specifically tailored for each individual and includes one-to-one coaching conducted in a relaxed and fun environment. Click here to read about some of the people that have already completed the programme. (Testimonials)
The ARK Promotions has an atmosphere and culture that is very different from most companies. The mix of enthusiasm, motivation and goal orientation is very unusual in a business environment and often new people are very surprised by the atmosphere of the company sometimes mistaking the organisations.
Business Development Prg :

Our Programme is a proven and structured way to get your career in sales and marketing off the ground.

Sales Development Prg :

The Sales Programme focuses on learning the basic skills necessary for success in the Sales and Marketing Industry. This programme is ideal for candidates new to the work force or for people simply looking to gain some experience.

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